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At 13, rue de la Paix in Paris, the temple of jewellery

renowned for its fabulous bestiary decided to let itself

be tamed for a late summer’s afternoon. The chic,

intimate elegance of Cartier became immediately

apparent from the entrance. This is one of the

house’s historic sites, dating back to 1889, andwas

completely renovated in 2003 to double the size of

the space. On the street-facing side of the building,

we stopped to admire the superb gallery of lounges

designed to showcase the high jewellery creations.

Upon arriving in the heart of the boutique our eyes

are drawn to the six glass-windowed floors above,

three of which are home to the Holy Grail: the Cartier

workshop. Even the shortest visit is a true privilege.

A blend of talents

After you pass through the two security airlocks, calm

and serenity reign supreme in the space. Some 20

artisans sit in two rows facing each other, with some

of them listening to music with headphones. Each

one is bent over a leather-covered dowel, performing

the most meticulous, subtle and complex movements

needed to create the extreme sophistication that

defines Cartier jewellery. “Some 150 exceptional

pieces are created here every year. Some require

between 1,000 and 3,000 hours of work each.

The team is made up of irreplaceable trades, with

skilled artisans working in a very strict order in close

collaboration with the designer”, says Pierre Rainero,

the Cartier Director of Style, Image andHeritage.

Everything begins with an idea, a desire to use a certain

material, shape or colour. From the initial sketches

to the final, colour design (drawn to scale), the full

inspiration is focused on the precious stones that make

up the key element of each piece. The jeweller then

transposes the original model onto a block of wax.

For the bestiary pieces, green wax models facilitate

the sculptor’s task when it comes to reflecting an

expression or the illusion of amoving animal.

Once the gold has been cast, the artisan uses delicate

tool to hollow out the cavities that will alter house

the gemstones, refining the jewellery’s morphology

with a technique called openwork. “The art of

the jeweller’s profession is inmaking the metal

and the framework disappear to showcase the

stones. Their intelligent movements give the piece

its identity and its soul”, says Pierre Rainero,

Embodying every

facet of femininity

The gem cutter then takes over. During our visit

he was cutting a sublime, 40-carat diamond to

be used in the crest of a diadem. An emotionally

charged experience. Under his expert fingers, the

rubies on a panther bracelet come to life and are

transformed into fur. The addition of a sapphire

lends depth to the gaze of the animal, which

has become the jewellery house’s emblem.

The next stage is undertaken in a backroom.

Two master setters fix the stones in place one by one.

Their exceptional expertise brings out the full force of

the gem’s brilliance, creating a precious harmony.

Throughout the process, each piece is placed in the

expert hands of the polisher, located on the third floor.

Feathers, aluminiumpowder, polishing paste and other

meticulous trade secrets seal the piece’s comfort and

beauty forever. During the final phase – assembling

the different sections of the piece – we were astonished

to witness the magic of the Incantation necklace.

Either adjusted close to the neck similar to a choker or

worn in a wider necklace style, a detachable Ceylan

sapphire is then clipped delicately onto it, and can be

removed to become the centrepiece for a ring! “Multi-

wear jewellery, or the transformation of one piece

of jewellery into several others, has set Cartier apart

since the late 19th century. It embodies – in its own

way – a form of multifaceted, contemporary femininity

in constant movement”, says Pierre Rainero.

The Cartier spirit.

The Jeweller invites us in

Cartier Magicien is the leading luxury house’s new 2016 high

jewellery collection, creating beauty through transformation. Perfect

lines, total control of the design, and technical prowess all combine to

push the limits of the possible. We visited the world’s most renowned jewellery

workshop where the creation of these exceptional pieces implies accepting the ultimate

challenge: bringing the inanimate to life.



1. Collier Incantation collection « Cartier Magicien ».

2. La Panthère ligne emblématique Cartier.

3. Atelier Cartier.


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Vincent Wulveryck © Cartier

Vincent Wulveryck © Cartier